How to Choose the Right Fibreglass Product for the Job

Fibreglass Importance

It’s important to find the correct fiberglass product for your job.

A good Sunshine Coast fibreglass supplier will have a variety of products on hand to suit your needs.

Safety equipment is important when using fibreglass products, and a good supplier will stock this equipment too.

Fibreglass is more flexible and less costly than carbon fibre. It’s also stronger than most metals when taking weight into consideration.

Fibreglass also moulds into complex shapes unlike some other products.

Various fibreglass uses:

  • Rotor blades for helicopters
  • Poles for tents
  • Kayaks
  • Hulls of ships
  • Expensive bicycles
  • Handles for axes and hammers
  • Bodies of automobiles and auto body parts
  • Sport protective gear such as helmets
  • Water slides
  • Oars and shells for rowboats
  • Traffic lights
  • Poles for pole-vaulting
  • There are layers of fibreglass and copper in most printed circuit boards
  • Commercial large-sized blades of wind turbines


There are varying types of fibreglass resins. Each one has a different purpose, and some are stronger than others.

Finding fibreglass on the Sunshine Coast is easy. Good suppliers will have the products below readily available.

Here are some resins and their purposes:

  • If you have a big project to do then unwaxed resin is ideal as it does not need sandpapering after each use. It does, however, need acetone rubbed over the area to be ready for the next layer of wax. Some time is saved with using unwaxed resin.
  • If you are working with boats, boat decks, timber furniture, surfboards, or laminating the epoxy resin is good. It’s more costly and is harder. It’s not really something for everyday handyman jobs.
  • General handymen use waxed general-purpose resins for many tasks. When combined with cloth fibreglass it can work stronger than unwaxed resin. It’s best for smaller projects as it needs the application of sandpaper and acetone after it is applied each time.
  • For watercraft and boat repair and patching, many boat builders and boat aficionados use vinyl ester.
  • There is a special surfboard resin that is used for surfboards.

For more help with fibreglass choices:

Ace Fibreglass, Sunshine Coast, has staff that has a lot of varied experience with fibreglass products who can give you good advice on which products to use.

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