Fibreglass Fillers Sunshine Coast

Fibreglass Fillers are a powder that is mixed with fibreglass resins to create adhesive glue, bog and other products. Ace Fibreglass Supplies stock a wide range of different filler products suitable for different applications.

Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you decide which products are the best option for your project and we also provide an in-house repairs and fabrications service in case you are having trouble getting the job done yourself.

If you are looking for a specific resin filler product, give us a call on 07 5493 9974 today – if we don’t already have the product in stock, we are happy to order it in for you.

Fibreglass Fill Products

Please see a small selection of some of our most popular filler products below – this is only a sample of what we carry, so if you don’t see what you are looking for below, contact us on 07 5493 9974 and speak to one of our knowledgeable members of staff.

Aerosil Fillers

A lightweight filler great for use with both polyester and epoxy resin, this filler has a ‘non sag’ property. It is ideal for making glue and can also be added to ‘Q-cells’ as well to make a fairing mix with improved non-sag qualities.

Micro-balloon Fillers

Lightweight microscopic phenolic bubbles that are used as a filler for both polyester and epoxy resin, this product is ideal for fairing use due to ease of sanding. This product can also be used below the waterline on permanently immersed vessels.

Talc Filler

This filler is a heavier option ideal for use with polyester resin as a filler or bog style glue. Talc fillers are denser and harder to file and sand but are inexpensive to purchase and have firm properties.

Q-Cell Fillers

Q-Cells can be mixed with either polyester or epoxy resin mixes. A great option for repairing ‘dings’ in surfboards; this product can be used with polyester resin or flow coat.

Cab-o-sil M-5 Fillers

An untreated, fumed, high priority silica that provides rheology control (flow control), this filler is used as a reinforcement in numerous
applications including:

  • Adhesives
  • Sealant
  • Coatings
  • Cosmetics pharmaceuticals
  • Foods
  • Inks


Call Ace Fibreglass Supplies to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members about fillers – we are always happy to give you free advice over the phone.