Fibreglass Repairs Sunshine Coast

Ace Fibreglass Supplies offers a repair service for people who are not confident in doing the fix themselves. Our experienced staff have over ten years of experience working with fibreglass and can create a mould of just about anything.

We are always happy to provide free quotes, so bring your project in and we will have a look at it for you. For more information about our fibreglass repairs service, contact us on 07 5493 9974.

In-House Fibreglass Repairs

Our in-house fibreglass repairs service covers things like car and motorbike parts, making moulds of things and then re-creating them out of fibreglass, repairing surfboards and conducting general repairs and patches on items made from fibreglass.

We also have a work shed available to us so we can do small repairs on larger items such as boats and get you back in the water as quickly as possible. If we are not able to complete the repairs ourselves, then we will know someone else who can – we supply most of the Sunshine Coast so we have an extensive network of professionals that we can connect you to.

On-Site Fibreglass Repair Services

We also offer an on-site fibreglass repair service for when it is not practical to bring your project into the store. Some of these projects might include fibreglass pool repairs, water tank repairs, table tops or bar tops, boat repairs and anything else that is too big or too immobile to bring to us.


Our expert staff have over ten years combined experience working with fibreglass and we supply most of the Sunshine Coast, so if we don’t know how to fix it, then we will have a contact that does.